Dept. XII

Department XII Ltd is the name under which I help forward-thinking individuals and organisations conceive and design new digital ventures and tackle service-level problems using design.

Strategic Design & Innovation

I can…

Help you make the leap from a tome of research insights to a workable digital proposition

Develop an embryonic idea into a novel digital product through prototyping & testing

Design the step-by-step user experience of your new digital product

Provide a guiding hand and experienced eye during the design & build of your new digital offering

Hunt out weaknesses in your user experience and show you how to fix them

How I work…

I have an expansive toolkit of processes and methodologies. These have been built up over the last couple of decades working in agencies for some of the world's largest companies and for start-ups of all flavours. These approaches have been tested in the real world. I err on the side of pragmatism whilst avoiding, and calling out, cargo-cult-ism.

Unless there are firm reasons to work in a particular way, it's the shape of project, timescales, client type and desired outcomes that tend to dictate my approach.

I work directly with clients and also to bolster a third-party agency's team.

All my work is completed in the open in a very transparent way. I don't believe in the big 'grand reveal'.

I bill by the day and invoice fortnightly. My day rate is discounted for charities/ non-profits and early stage startups.

Small print

Registered name: Department XII Ltd
Company number: 12924535

I can be hired through the excellent freelancer network YunoJuno
Alternatively, you can contact me directly using the form below.

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I'm always interested in meeting people that are working on things that matter. Or if you have something you'd like help with, you know what to do.

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