Head of design and product
Within the charity sector digital has, historically, been seen as an information and fund-raising channel. CAST, the Centre for the Acceleration of Social Technology, was founded to increase the capabilities and adoption of digital within the sector.
How do we take the best processes of the internet era and apply them to the tough social challenges that charities face? Then, how do we embed those processes and approaches in the organisations?
Head of Design and Product
To help charities understand these capabilities I worked with sector experts to devise and run a twelve week accelerator programme. Through organisation-wide training in user research techniques, rapid prototyping and systems design, I oversaw 12 charities graduate from the process over 18 months. A number of the organisations I worked with invited me to continue my support through advisory board participation post-accelerator.

Key highlights include:
A service for Breast Cancer Care, BECCA, which emerged from the programme received £655k of follow on grant funding to develop the idea to fully-featured product. To date, over 16,000 women recovering from Breast Cancer have benefitted from the service.

For Oxfam we examined the area of food insecurity in working families. An ambitious, UK-wide social savings scheme was devised which would prevent families having to resort to food banks in times of financial crisis. It is currently in test and search for an ambitious funder.

For AgeUK, we designed and built a platform to help care coordinators conduct and record guided conversations with elderly people who are living in their own homes but may need extra assistance. An incredibly successful pilot was run across four AgeUK locations with over 100 elderly people. It attracted funding from the MOD to help support veterans.
Posters used to outline the new approaches to digital design in the cohort charities
A prototype responsive SPA for AgeUK which came out of the accelerator
Sample flashcards used for testing with women recovering from Breast Cancer