What if we merged the UK's growing appetite for high-quality single origin coffee with the rising popularity of subscription businesses? This is the proposition my co-founder put to me one July a few years ago.
Co-founded with Philip Wilkinson in August 2011, Kopi delivered a different, freshly roasted, single origin, gourmet coffee to its thousands of subscribers every month. The UK’s first solely online coffee subscription business became the ultimate coffee discovery service.
Outside of coffee-sourcing, where we worked with our expert partners, the business was essentially a marketing and logistics problem. Responsible for logistics, I designed processes to manage 14 suppliers across print, packaging, roasting and shipping.

Managing the packing of the monthly subscriber mail-out took trial and error over the first few months to achieve an efficient and error-free process. We undertook this process ourselves to properly understand what was involved. Once we’d achieved a satisfactory grasp of the individual steps it allowed us to approach contract packing houses with confidence to outsource the process. The transition went smoothly as a result.

Being a startup necessitated an all-hands-on-deck approach. I designed all brand materials and the customers’ digital touch-points.

We grew the company to multiple-thousands of subscribers and sold the business to Cafédirect in 2014. 
Lots of sketching, prototyping and testing packaging concepts
Testing landing pages and content pages to drive conversion and reduce cost of acquisition
Special edition coffee to punctuate the subscription experience and provide marketing and PR opportunities