Head of product
Increasingly, consumers are asking brands “Where does this come from?” Unfortunately, most supply chains are black boxes. Unless set up for it, businesses find transparency very hard. This is the problem Provenance was founded to tackle. 
Recently awarded funding when I joined, Provenance was looking to build out their nascent SaaS product to better service businesses looking to open up their supply chain to their customers who want to understand where the things they buy come from.
Head of Product
Over two years as Head of Product I worked with large corporates on pilot programmes to understand what a transparent supply chain looks like to the end consumer. Through understanding shopping behaviours, deep dives into supply chains, building prototypes and constant in-store testing, we devised some successful approaches to the question of what supply chain transparency looks like in shoppers’ hands.

The lessons from these pilots helped us build out a B2B2C SaaS platform for micro businesses to be able to open up their own supply chain data. One of our key focus areas of food led to us being invited to exhibit our platform in the V&A’s “Food: Bigger Than The Plate” exhibition in summer 2019.
Lots of prototyping, sketching and diagramming to help articulate thinking
A proud moment when your work makes it into the V&A museum
Prototyping the off-pack customer experience across food and fashion