Side project
I commute by bike. It's the best way to get around a city. Obviously. But occasionally, you arrive at your destination and there aren't any showers. Having a wash in the bathroom sink is as good as it gets.
A few weeks of using baby wet wipes led me to think… How about I create an adult-size wet wipe that's antibacterial and nicely scented? A flirtation with DTC brand creation ensued.
Side project
It transpires that creating a brand, sourcing product and speaking to suppliers is all pretty straightforward. Ideas are, indeed, cheap.

My time with Kopi give me lots of experience with packaging and supplier lead times(!). Within 8 weeks of having the idea I had a bespoke-designed wet wipe product with an appealing scent, tested with friends and family.

An order for 10,000 wipes landed at my front door.

Placing Facebook ads and pushing out messaging through social media, though not my strength, drove early sales. The project ticked over for a year or so with steady sales. The problem I found was that I couldn’t find a marketing channel that could give a reasonable customer acquisition cost. Sales seemed to mirror marketing spend. 

An interesting experiment. I learned lots about how iterating physical products, with long lead times and minimum order quantities is hard! Atoms are bastards.
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Packaging for office boxes
Social media ads during Bike week