Tesco Clubcard

Strategic designer
Shopping is changing. There are fewer 'big shops', a reduction in supermarket loyalty and competition from digital retailers. Despite being a 'social meme', Clubcard rewards were build on disappearing habits.
Tesco Clubcard had just turned 20 years old. Organic growth had seen it expand into all parts of the growing conglomerate without an understanding of, or a strategy for, the overall customer experience. A comprehensive review of the entire service was commissioned.
Tesco Clubcard
Strategic Designer
Over 12 weeks our small team synthesised over 100 hours of customer interviews. We captured their habits, grew to understand their pain points and where the ‘delighters’ were. As our research covered four territories, the differences in cultural expectations were stark. We presented the results to the directors of the Clubcard programme. Our outputs included presentations, videos, maps and posters to help distribute the lessons across the Clubcard teams in all four territories. 

As a result, we were asked to return to devise, prototype and test solutions to some of the biggest customer sticking points. A further six weeks of sketching, storyboarding and rapid prototyping resulted in a suite of recommendations. Some of which would be a big change for the scheme but would help it maintain pace with competing loyalty programmes. 

One recommendation launched the following year – the ability to redeem points at point of purchase – a huge shift in the foundations of the scheme.
Capturing research in a shared space to discuss and synthesise
Storyboarding a new Clubcard mechanic to be tested at self-checkout tills
Testing in-store with customers (Note the iPad strapped to the till to mimic a real scenario)